An argument against speeding

The only thing it will boost is fuel company profits, because no matter how frugal cars are these days it remains true that the faster you go the more fuel you use. Speed Cameras are magnets for corruption. Additionally, the officer must have gone through radar training program and received a radar operator certificate in order to issue a valid speeding ticket using radar.

Always stay right unless passing another vehicle.

Arguments against raising speed limit are shaky at best

Arguments against raising speed limit are shaky at best Posted April 22, at 4: Assuming that the officer does produce a copy of the radar calibration certificate, a person must also look at the date when the radar was last calibrated and compare that to the requirement under the vehicle code and the policy for the law enforcement agency that issued the speeding ticket by radar.

You may contact LA County registrar recorder at P. Especially when the same survey shows that 6. Most of that money has come from Maryland residents. There, the speed limit is higher, but motorists run the gauntlet of the rather terrifying traffic police.

The cameras Maryland has now are merely a "special introductory offer" which is NOTHING compared to what we will have in 4 or 5 years if left unchecked. Fully a third of speed camera tickets are going to people who did not in fact commit the offense because someone else was driving at the time.

In short, raising the limit seems such a no-brainer, one has to ask why was it not done before. Therefore, to beat a speeding ticket by radar one must present arguments that can be backed up by evidence or documentation to show the judge that at least there is a possibility that the officer might have made a mistake or the radar unit might have generated an erroneous speed.

Another simple item to check is to compare the radar unit number on the radar certificate to the radar unit number that the officer recoded on the citation to see if those numbers match. You may contact LA County registrar recorder at P. There is nothing radical about opposing speed cameras.

Five Strategies for Fighting a Traffic Ticket

They have the virtue of recognising the reality of what is happening on our motorways. This is because of guidelines drawn up by the Association of Chief Police Officers, which allow a margin for error of 10 per cent plus 2mph.

Local governments have written funds into their budgets before camera locations were even selected. To my shame I have been known to break the speed limit. Other localities have bypassed restrictions on the use of funds. Therefore, to successfully fight a speeding ticket by radar one must have a comprehensive knowledge of the policies for the specific law enforcement agency that issued the speeding ticket by radar as well as the technical details of radar technology.

It is the belief that we can only be safe with cameras watching our every move which is extreme.

80mph speed limit: the arguments for and against

One study in the UK have shown that other forms of speed control, such as speed bumps and speed indicator signs are much more effective at reducing accidents. Similar proposals were kicked around the Department for Transport while Labour was in power.

Ticket Recipients who challenge citations have their cases heard in an unfair court proceeding commonly known as District Court 'Speed Camera Day', where dozens of defendants have their cases heard in an assembly line manner.

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How will the new limit be enforced. Most Americans have lived most of their lives without speed cameras and most states still do not have them.

Road safety is the major sticking point, but it must be repeated that speed per se doesn’t kill. It’s a matter of appropriate speed. No one in their right mind would argue against driving at much reduced speed in adverse weather, particularly in the fog that afflicts many roads at this time of year.

Drive one mile over the limit and you are a law breaker. However, these states also have a way to ticket you when you are driving under the speed limit if an officer concludes your speed was unsafe.

Called the "basic" speed law, it prohibits driving at an unsafe speed, even if that speed is below the posted limit. Speeding can cause you to get a ticket which is expensive and time consuming, increase your cost of insurance, put your life and others lives in danger, and above all it is against the law.

In North Carolina, 1 person is killed or injured in speed -related crashes every 22 minutes. Cleveland, Ohio Issued Illegal Speed Camera Tickets Cleveland, Ohio may be forced to refund millions in illegally collected mobile speed camera tickets.

Cleveland, Ohio has. What are the arguments to use when contesting a speeding ticket? I was cited for 85 in 65 zone. While I don't think I was going anywhere near that speed (especially given that my wife, 4-yr old. Aug 11,  · i had to write a short composition on argueing for the limitations of speed limits.

Good Speeding Ticket Arguments

heres what i have so far. please correct me if there are mistakes and give me suggestions to make it better(: Researchers have found that 1 in every 20 road accidents are caused by the breaking of speed limits.

There are overpeople that receive a speed Status: Resolved.

An argument against speeding
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Good Speeding Ticket Arguments for Court