An argument that cocaine is not a narcotic

A person who tests positive for illegal use of drugs is not entitled to the protection that may be available to former users who have been or are in rehabilitation. Clinton was taken into custody and made a full confession.

Information on administration, effects, dependence, toxicity, etc. After so many years of drug control experience, we now know that a coherent, long-term strategy can reduce drug supply, demand and trafficking.

The money spent on both increased health costs due to HIV infections and drug prohibition itself causes a drain upon society. The Senlis Councila European drug policy thinktank, proposes creating a second-tier supply system that would complement the existing system without altering the balance of its relatively closed supply and demand system.

Drug tests are not considered medical examinations, and an applicant can be required to take a drug test before a conditional offer of employment has been made. Cindy Fazeyformer Chief of Demand Reduction for the United Nations Drug Control Programmehas pointed out that it would be nearly impossible to loosen international cannabis regulations.

See United Nations, The net effect can be a depression of prices for all crops, which can both make the farmer's livelihood more precarious, and make the cocaine producers' coca supplies cheaper.

Obviously, a legal definition, not a scientific definition, which is why the use of the term "narcotic" in this article needs to be clarified, either where the term is used, or in the introduction. He is, in essence, attempting to enjoy the ecstasy of sexual union without any of its commitments or responsibilities and thus creates a false, temporal bond with phantoms.

The prevailing view, however, is that the word "possession" in Article 36 includes simple possession for use. Hebert again resisted handcuffing and she was pushed to the ground with a straight arm bar.

This paragraph was included in a chapter entitled Measures Against Illicit Traffickers, but the format by which the Third Draft was divided into chapters was not transferred to the Single Convention, and this, apparently, is the sole reason why this chapter heading, along with all others, was deleted.

It worked in Columbia and it worked in Bolivia for over twenty years leading up to Evo Morales' administration. For three decades, [nb 1] Sweden has had consistent and coherent drug-control policies, regardless of which party is in power.

Because 2-year Mental Development Index scores are predictive of later cognitive outcomes, it is possible that these children will continue to have learning difficulties at school age. The government declined to initiate proceedings on the basis of their interpretation of U.

The same may be true of illicit drugs such as opiates, cocaine and amphetamine in developed societies. The Preamble notes that "the medical use of narcotic drugs continues to be indispensable for the relief of pain and suffering and that adequate provision must be made to ensure the availability of narcotic drugs for such purposes".

And many of those serving time for marijuana pleaded down to possession in order to avoid prosecution on much more serious charges. Such is the case for cannabis and cannabis resin which are classified with heroin in group IV for the sole reason that they lack therapeutic value.

Offenders who use drugs are among the most serious and active criminals, engaging in both property and violent crime. By the late s and s, the side effects of the drug became known: Cocaine does not induce sleep.

The reference to "certain studies" is to the then-forthcoming National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. The specific sections that need help are: The courts have been reluctant to set out specific time periods, and this is an area that has caused a great deal of concern. The most controversial decisions of the INCB are those in which it assumes the power to interpret the Single Convention.

There is already a huge list of most opioids in the opiate article at the very bottom and alcohol is clearly shown as a narcotic in this article already, so I'm not sure a list is necessary, it would be useful but probably not worth the time it would take.

New addicts would be speedily discovered and through early treatment, some of these unfortunate victims might be saved from becoming hopelessly incurable. Most mental health professionals agree that people can become addicted to chemicals.

For example, in Nielsen v. When a group of Pharisees questioned Jesus on the ethics of divorce Matt. The Judeo-Christian ethic places a high premium on personal freedom and condemns anything that restricts or prohibits a person from reaching his or her God-given potential.

The article as written is essentially correct, but could use some mechanistic descriptions of the mode of action of narcotics It is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell cannabis in Australia, but the penalties for cannabis offences are different in each state and territory.

Pregnancy and Substance Use

This refers to how, many moons ago, our good friends the USA basically coerced many other countries to prohibit cannabis like them because they enacted racist and sensationalist policy to further self interest in their country. Ford returned from his leave of absence in July and was polling in second place, behind John Tory and ahead of Olivia Chow.

Some non-Parties to the Single Convention, such as Andorrabelong to this treaty and thus are still under the international drug control regime.

It includes the use of illegal drugs that are controlled substances e. The strength of the drug is not relevant; only the similarity of its effects to the substances already controlled. Inthe National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws filed a rescheduling petition under provisions of the Act.

Speeding is a good example of an offence that is commonly dealt with by a civil penalty. An Argument for Narcotic Control and Enforcement Under the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), 27Loy. Consumer L. Rev (). cocaine is not chemically a narcotic, the U.S. government classifies it An Argument for Narcotic Control and Enforcement Under the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS).

Cocaine Essay Examples. 39 total results. A Study of Cocaine. words. 1 page.

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An Analysis of the Effects of Stimulant Abuse on the Human Brain. words. 1 page. List of Addictive Properties of Cocaine. 1, words. 3 pages. An Argument That Cocaine Is Not a Narcotic.

words. Mech. Engineer asked about how rear engine cars like Nano are different than front engine cars? He said he specialized chemical engineering & not automobile. The paste or the concentrate that is extracted from the coca leaf, commonly known as cocaine, is indeed a narcotic, but the plant itself is not." [1] Coca is not cocaine.

(Updated at pm et) This season marked the first time the National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players’ Association agreed to screen the samples of all drug-tested players for. According to a study published this month in The Lancet, alcohol and tobacco rank among the ten most dangerous substances used by alcohol and tobacco have been assessed to be more dangerous than illegal drugs like marijuana or ecstasy.

An argument that cocaine is not a narcotic
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