Persuasive argument on artificial sweeteners

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THaspel Yeah, Chlorine sure is bad and causes cancer and that is why every human being on the planet has caught cancer from salt — sodium Chloride. Oh, and when I cook with Splenda, I don't add it until the pot is off the heat.

Inulin is actually a heart healthy fiber. Yes, this may sound unrealistic to many, but again it comes down to how serious you are about your health and how open minded you are to break out of the clever brainwashing that has taken place in society up until this point. Neotame is about 7, — 13, times sweeter than sugar chemically related to aspartame approved by the FDA in not widely used to date, mostly due to the known problems with aspartame 8.

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If the target audience of the message is in the age group of and the test results are based on the age groupthen the conclusion drawn would be vague and misleading. For example, the European Food Safety Authority recently confirmed — once again — that aspartame is safe for consumption by the general population, including pregnant women.

He stated we will find something wrong with all the alternatives out their, but working with your doctor and comparing effects over 90 day periods really allows the patient to find what works for them best.

7 Painfully Controversial Fitness Topics that will Ruffle Your Tail Feathers

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I know quickly when something has it as I get a migraine.

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Several companies are making billions of dollars off of the sugar industry, while we pay both financially and with our health. Instead of approaching this subject with strict scientific evidence, the author mentions faulty evidence in the realms of physical exercise that ultimately leads his argument astray.

The author cites no counter-effects of sugar. Hence, the argument is left unconvincing and must be further examined before the author could establish an outright claim that aspartame contributes to weight gain.

Shortly after approving this drug he resigned from the FDA panel and was hired by the manufacturer of aspartame for a position in which he was paid several hundred thousand dollars per year.

While your concerns about calories, blood-glucose stress and dental health are valid when it comes to eating regular sugar, what we really should be moving towards are not sugar replacements, but complete sugar removals. In conclusion, the author tries to persuade his readers to believe that artificial sweeteners lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.

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Apr 30,  · Yes, it could be. You can talk about how artificial sugars are more prone to being stored as fat in the body, rather than natural sugars such as honey and fruit. And how too much artificial sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes in later life. This is because it's unnatural, our body can't deal with it Resolved.

Seldom does a day go by without people consuming products containing sweetener.

The Two Most Dangerous Artificial Sweeteners

Sweeteners are really ubiquitous. They are widely used by numerous products, of which the most popular example is chewing gum. Soft-drinks are also found to be containing artificial sweeteners, especially those “light” and “sugar-free” version. Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners.

on Google. mute unmute. Today's episode was suggested by Leilla, Lauren, and Kelly, all of whom wrote with questions artificial sweeteners and whether they can help you lose weight And that’s perhaps the main argument for the use of sugar substitutes: Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners.

Therefore, today I want to present you with a quick guide to understanding artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes.

Real Sugar vs Splenda

Why Go Artificial? Artificial sweeteners gained popularity the most for no other reason than the fact that we want to have our cake and eat it too – literally. Apr 30,  · is this a good persuasive speech topic? i am thinking about giving my speech on artificial sweeteners.

my position is that there should be a government ban on artificial sweeteners because it is really bad for Resolved.

Persuasive argument on artificial sweeteners
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The truth about sugar and artificial sweeteners